Catastrophe Adjuster Position

Offered by: G&G Insurance Adjusters Ad ID: 2019081819

18 Aug 2019

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We are offering the training and certification necessary to handle claims within the following states:

  1. Texas
  2. Florida
  3. Illinois
  4. Louisiana
  5. South Carolina
  • This training is mandatory to be certified. Certification via web can be done. please contact our office in order to get the link of our web training website.
  • Residential Adjusters are required to have 2 consecutive experience with proficiency in Xactimate 28.
  • Adjusters must be Certified by  our Firm  in order to be deployed by us.
  • Please note that background check will be perform to each adjuster as requirement.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE OF 2 YEARS (Required and will verify)


  • Must have an Independent adjusting licensed 520. (VALID).
  • Experienced with policies (H03, H06 and CP1010 and CP 1030)
  • Experienced in wind losses
  • Strong experienced in Homeowners
  • Knowledge in Construction
  • Have transportation
  • Have a digital camera
  • Have a Ladder
  • Not afraid of heights
  • Xactimate 28



  • Conduct initial evaluation, investigation and documentation to establish damages, and determine appropriate payment under the terms of the applicable insurance policy. Post appropriate reserves, pays, declines, and negotiate claims, based on results of first and third party investigations. Ensure fair claims practices in accordance with policy and legal requirements.
  • Assist claim investigative staff and local/state/federal law enforcement agencies in investigating alleged or suspected cases of fraud.


  • College degree or insurance course work/experience required
  • Superior organization skills and detail orientation required
  • customer service experience required
  • Excellent communications skills required
  • Ability to work co-operatively within a team environment
  • Able to manage pressure and stress.
  • Comply with datelines
  • Proficiency with Xactimate estimating platform to include the use of Sketch.
  • Willingness to work catastrophe duty for extended periods.


  • Percentage of Fee based on insurance company schedule